Saturday, October 06, 2007

Er, um, what was I supposed to remember

Kind of pulled a boner yesterday, in that I showed up 1 hour early for my 830pom flight home from San Jose to Texas only to find out the flight actually left at 4 Pm. Small discrepancy in my recollection of the departure time there, I know a lot of people who get their 4s and 8s mixed up.

Typically in these kinds of situations, God takes the opportunity to smote me for the many, mnay wicked things I've done. Usually its in grand fashion too, involving all kinds of travel hi-jinks such as a finding the only hotel with availabilty is the local crack house complete with multiple drug busts during the stay. Ah theres nothing like the soothing rhythm of gunfire to lull you off to a sleepy wonderland)

Surprisingly God didn't punish me this time, as the ticket lady actually broke the rules (despite getting literally a constant, in your face lecture from her co-worker on how she should not go out of her way to help me, must be part of their customer service training manual) to get me on a flight to Denver, where I spent the night at a decent hotel and am catching the flight home early today.

Hurray for people who don't give a shit about their co-workers opinion!

Which raises a thought - maybe we should add "Tell your co-workers to F*** off day" the list of Hallmark holidays. We can spend the day airing grievances against each other and maybe work in some mud wrestling or fights wearing those big puffy sumo suits.

I'll work on some greeting cards to get it rolling.


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