Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hey, I remember this blog

Its funny, but I lost the link to a blog of a friend of mine awhile ago that I like to read and subsequently lost the focus to build my blog. I know its as rational as forgetting to go to work because you couldn't find the keys to your car but hey I'm pretty simple minded.

Well she sent me the link to her blog, and I still have some thoughts I'd like to record and well maybe in virtual space I'll build a loyal blog reading follower base that I can leverage for personal gain at some point in the future. Combine all those things and viola! comes the insipiration to record this little diatribe a year after the last entry.

Have no fear gentle reader, I fully intend to spend the remainder of the evening coming up with something truly insipirational to post here. Unless I lose the link to my friends blog again, that is.


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