Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Scenes from a Laundromat

As Captured on A $15 Digital Camera by Lena Williams, Age 3
July 3, 2006

Accompanying poetry and haiku by dad

shiny box of cleaning,

spinning while chewing up socks,

can i put in the soap?

Heat and motion combine as one,
To make the clothes get drier.

Hurry up so I can go home,
I'm getting kind of tired.

Snack machine, oh snack machine, will you release your bounty?
Or will you deny me salty treats and force me to whine to mommy?

Violet, my sister and best friend, she's really kind of neat-o,
Smiling nicely for my camera shot, because she wants my cheetos.

festive ornament,
proclaiming independence,
why are you in a laundromat?

Its my camera, its my camera,
I shouldn't have to share.

Back off dad, don't get any closer,
Or else I'll pull your hair.


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